We cannot overstate the importance of music at CCA.  Music is not only one of the liberal arts that we study, is a means by which we delight, wonder and worship.  As such, music is employed throughout the school from our morning liturgy to our lunchtime doxology to our close of day hymn. We enjoy both traditional and contemporary music, so you will find nearly a hundred violins at the school (all grammar school students learn the violin) but also electric guitars.

Jesse Mauer leads our music program, and has inspired scores of students to take up music and musical training as an integral part of life.

We begin teaching music in Kindergarten with a formal, twice-a-week course taught to all students in grades 2-6. Students in grades 7-12 take another two courses in music, and several additional courses are offered as electives. 

Students are also invited to participate in the Treble Choir (grades 4-6) and the Mixed Chorus (grades 7-12).  CCA also has a grammar school chamber choir and upper school chamber choir that students qualify for by audition. All these choirs regularly perform at CCA and CCA events.

Spring Choir Video Clips