At CCA, we believe in the unity of truth, goodness and beauty.  The fine arts center on the study, appreciation and creation of beauty.  The fine arts are ends in themselves (from the Latin, finis, “end”) that humanize us, bringing us joy and delight, often mixed with longing.

Studying and enjoying the fine arts has always been a part of the classical liberal arts tradition, and we seek to immerse our students in the fine arts from Kindergarten to graduation.  Many of our students have become superb artists, even professional artists.  11th grader Billy Cave plays guitar and sings with no less than three bands and regularly performs at CCA functions. 

What follows is an overview of our music, art and drama programs.  Please visit the separate web pages dedicated to each of them.


Music instruction begins in Kindergarten with a formal course taught to all students in grades 1-6.  Of course, grammar school classrooms are full of singing throughout the day.  Students in grades 7-12 must take three music electives during their Upper School years.  Students are also invited to participate in the Treble Choir (grades 4-6) and the Mixed Chorus (grades 7-12).  These choirs regularly perform at CCA events. 


Students begin learning about the rudiments of art in kindergarten and first grade with their homeroom teacher.  They start attending dedicated courses in art beginning in 2nd grade and continue thru 6th.  Our primary objective during these years focuses on learning the principles of art ( line, shape, value, form texture, space) and elements of design ( balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, rhythm, unity)  This is taught using various mediums with a heavy emphasis on drawing. Students also study art history.  With each trimester they will look at an artist or art movement and create their own work of art in that same style. Students will complete at least three major pieces by the end of each year.

In addition to growing a knowledge and skill base in the visual arts, process and confidence are of great importance. We believe that as life giving as creating art is, it is also a discipline that can be achieved by all. There is deep fulfillment that comes with making, since we have been made in the image of our Creator. Our marks are as different as He has made us from one another and as we learn to see the beauty that surrounds us, it is our desire that our students at Covenant believe that they can humbly and joyfully participate in and contribute to it.


Grammar School students are informally introduced to drama through historical skits, acting out sections of literature and stories such as Greek myths.  Drama is offered as an elective course in the Upper School.  Older students are also welcome to participate in the school’s extra-curricular drama presentations.  Student productions have included Antigone in 2004, The Fantasticks in 2006, Midsummer Night’s Dream in 2008, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in 2009, 12 Angry Jurors in 2010, Eurydice 2011, Best Laid Plans 2012 and Little Women 2013.

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