Yes, we encourage you to enjoy some social media community on our Facebook page (just click the image above).  However, we want to see your real face even more.

We believe that a superb classical curriculum will only bear fruit when planted in the rich soil of a vibrant community of virtuous, loving people.  The Apostle Paul warns that even if we can speak with tongues of angels (transcending Latin and Spanish!) and can fathom all mysteries, without love, it will profit us nothing.

This means that the community life at CCA is just as important as our academic instruction, even more important. If love is the greatest virtue, how can we neglect it in any context?  A classical, Christian school is first of all a vibrant community infused with faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.

To this end, it is vitally important that CCA parents and students contribute to the community life at CCA.  This happens in dozens of ways, from participation in athletics, drama, choir, hiking trips and the like.  And it happens when people commit themselves to one another in meaningful, personal ways.

Here are some key pages (with links) that will help you learn more about our community and to serve in it:

  •  For Prospective Families and Students: 6 Steps to Apply
  • The Parent-Teacher Fellowship
  • The CCA Facebook Page (lots of photos, videos and conversation!)
  • About CCA
  • Welcome Page of Dr. David Sonju, Head of School (please view the video below too)
  • Academics at CCA
  • Athletics at CCA
  • The Fine Arts at CCA
  • RenWeb (Parent and Teacher Academic Collaboration Site)

Welcome from Dr. David Sonju, Head of School