How To Write An Essay on the Importance of Education

It is an undervalue to say education is crucial. Education is a weapon for making one’s life better, and perhaps it is an essential instrument for improving one’s life. Every person’s education starts at home. It’s a lifetime procedure that finishes with death. It undoubtedly defines the characteristics of a person’s life.

Education strengthens one ‘s awareness, abilities, and improves attitude and personality. Most notably, education influences people’s chances of employment. A highly educated person is able to get a genuine job.

In this blog on how to write an essay on the importance of education, we will tell you the significance of education in society and life with the structure of essay writing on it.

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. – Aristotle

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”. – John Dewey

What do you understand by the word ‘education’?

When we talk about education, the primary thing that strikes our minds is gaining knowledge. Education is a resource that provides awareness, strategies, skills, information to people, enabling them to understand their duties and rights toward their families, society, and community.

It broadens the outlook and perception to understand the society or world. It strengthens the abilities in the nation to fight against violence, injustice, corruption, and various other harmful components.

There is an importance of education around the world. It generates a prospect of seeing at life within us. It is an important part of the nation’s development. One wouldn’t try new concepts without schooling.

It means we would not be able to grow the planet because there is no innovation without ideas and no country can develop without innovation.

Know about the education before, and now:

In the ancient period, individuals were allowed various types of information depends on their family’s occupation. Some persons were assigned to Gurukul while others had to learn from their parents’ experiences.

But we are living in a world today in which classrooms can be virtual, and distance education has grown as the new standard. A simple internet-connected computer makes a lot of changes in the life of an individual.

Therefore, the availability of high-speed internet access to all people could enable us to control the danger of uneducated society. And, the digitalization ambition to achieve the same.

“Education is the food for people because, in lack of education, people are not able to develop his food.”

Importance of education in our life and society:

Education prepares us better people by showing us how to act in life by following laws and directions and giving us a sense of knowledge. It makes us more positive going out in the world and accomplishing our objectives.

Several governments around the globe have acknowledged the importance of education as a medium for enhancing development and making the world a safer community.  

Let’s see how education plays an important role in our life:

1 Education develops knowledge:

False trust and superstitions are what keeps society slow down. Those fooled by false beliefs are doing more injury to society than good. Education allows us to doubt ourselves, gives us an independent mind, and allows us to discard superstitions.

An educated mind demands scientific and logical reasoning behind everything.

2 To lead a happy and healthy life:

If you want to live a happier life and appreciate the positive things the universe has to offer, you require to attain education for sure. A noble work, a strong reputation in society are only some of the advantages of becoming a literate individual. Education is a prerequisite for a bright, prosperous future and a stable existence.

3 Helps to make people self-reliant:

If you want to be a self-reliant person, education is very important. It makes you financially stable, but that’s not it. Knowledge always makes you smarter, and you can decide for your family or yourself.

4 Provides empowerment:

It is the importance of education that makes it possible to turn insecurity into power. Knowledge provides us the self-confidence to stand. It increases our capacity to make decisions, makes us responsive, and allows us entrance to social systems.

The various study has shown that in nations where women face gender biases, education has supported them to stand up. For example, fight against marital violence, strengthened their decision-making capacity, and encouraged them to take management of their own lives.

5 Making your dreams come true:

What is your goal in life? Want to become wealthy? to get famous? Want to be a highly productive guy, valued by people? Ok, education is the secret to all of this. Generally, there are examples, including sportspeople, who do not give credit to education for their success. Your degree, however, is what helps you accomplish all your dreams in most cases.

6 Protects you from being cheated/misled:

Knowledge protects you from abuse and foolishness. We live in a country in which we enjoy different rights and freedoms. The exploitation of poor and illiterate people is simpler. They get fooled by signing false documents or misled of any right, which they have because they are not well aware of their rights and freedoms, unlike an acquainted individual.

7 It encourages us to connect beyond boundaries:

 By digital education, now we can connect across borders. It is the importance of education that has created opportunities for students across borders to interact and collaborate, and to operate for a better tomorrow and a healthier environment.

A professor in America, for example, will help encourage a student in Afghanistan to read and explore the world, and a whole generation to live a better life is after her.

8 Encourages us to make ourselves more productive:

It’s a well-known fact that the better your economic performance would be, the more degrees you have. There is an intense link between education and competitiveness. In this era, where there is competition at each point, education is what will enable the industry to grow. As a result, it helps in the development of the nation.

 Now we will discuss the importance of education in society:

Education is the social mechanism by which society offers vital information to its citizens, including the principles of basic facts, work skills, and cultural norms.

One of education’s most significant benefits is that it develops individual lives and helps society run efficiently. The elimination of poverty is possible by providing education, and each person can make their contribution to the country’s growth.

Let’s see how education plays a vital role in our society:

1 Security and Crime prevention:

If an individual is well-educated, no one will easily fool him or her. A trained adult is less likely to indulge in a domestic disturbance and otherworldly evils. They enjoy happy, life-long ties. It means that people are less likely to become a sufferer of violence.

2 Eradicating poverty:

Knowledge helps to eradicate poverty because if a person gets an education, he can receive a valid job and meet all of his family’s basic requirements and needs.

3 Laws and regulations:

Learning facilitates the fast development process of the Nation. You will represent your country well if you have great knowledge. It’s building a strong political philosophy.

4 Obstruction of terrorism and battles:

In order to span a secure and healthy life, one has to recognize the importance of education in our everyday lives. One has to take a vital part in different educational activities. These kinds of constructive behavior offer information for a better life.

5 Trade and commerce:

An excellent education doesn’t just mean performing at college or school & graduating. The country’s a trade & commerce will also easily grow if its people are well-educated. Knowledge makes them grow self-dependent and develop high trust to achieve complicated tasks. Their quality of living gets improved on having an education.

6 Empowering women:

Knowledge helps to motivate women, too. Through the power of education, such old traditions such as an obligation on Remarrying Widows, Child Marriage, Sati Pratha, Dowry Scheme, etc. can be abolished. By getting an education, women will lift their voices against the inequality that society did to her. That will make a lot of improvement both in society and in the country. In summary, if all women get educated, then the right to freedom of speech & expression will be used in the correct direction.

7 Raising socially deprived parts of society:

It is the increasing importance of education behind the changing of the world. Because of the absence of knowledge, many illiterate persons face the difficulties of differentiation. Injustices and untouchability also prevail in society. If all the population becomes educated, then this inevitably results in the advancement of economically deprived parts of society.

8 Knowledge is the backbone of society:

Education is an important part of society at large. Its ignorance cannot be possible in life. The lack of knowledge gives rise to various social issues such as internal fight, poor health, low living standards, and many more. It assists people to discover a positive way out of their difficulties. Education helps people to understand the true worth of the effort and support to become society’s backbone.

From the above discussion, now you understand the education importance in our life and society. Suppose if your professor gives you the task of writing an essay on the importance of education, then you should also know about the structure along with its knowledge.

How to write an essay on the importance of education:

You can’t say with certainty which subjects you will end up having. Most subjects are best understood equally. In any case, some tips here will assist you in structuring your essay if your subject is education:

1 Introduction of an essay:

The essay’s opening paragraph sets the tone for the remainder. The introduction will preferably include parts of the subject or the issue. You can use your transition words and vocabulary to address the matter in your terms.

For example, your subject may be**, ‘The importance of education is the reason behind a country’s growth. To what degree do you agree with this view, or disagree?**

You can start by framing your introduction as:

The country’s holistic growth relies upon its system of education. It was a belief that if we put our focus on education, then our economies will tend to grow.

If your task is of writing an informative essay, then you have to note that your viewpoint would be of little value to the professor, whether it is in support of the issue or not. They’re going to examine how you show it. And expressing an opinion is the next step to framing your introduction.

2 Body paragraph of the essay:

The essay copy should have a bidirectional approach. Phase 1 will include your view, and Phase 2 will be a statement to the contrary.

Phase 1 – give your opinion in support:

You may own the opinion with statements such as, In my opinion, or I believe that. It could be in a third-person form as well. The continuation of one tonality of essay, either third-person or personal tonality, is essential.

Using the example mention earlier, if we want to go with the assumption that education is the important essence of a country, then adding informative statements that can support the concept is important.

If you are not aware of the truth, you can begin by emphasizing how important education is in developing people’s lives. It encouraged cultural diversity, and through education, enables the workforce to improve skill sets.

Phase 2- give a statement of the contrary:

At this point, you will show the arguments related to the topic. You have to ready for counterquestions of the audience.    

This essay writing assignment will test your ability to express your opinions readily. It’s a proven point that the importance of education is unquestionable. It is, therefore, important to have feedback in this segment of the opinion. You may point to the practical situation of paying attention to customized education, promoting e-programs, and extending the curriculum to fit the needs of the student. The aim is to make the essay more important and related to modern times. 

3 Write a remarkable Conclusion:

In the end, preferably finish the essay on a fair note. Avoid staying too negative, consider the essence of the subject, and summarize it without multiple arguments on a sensible note. Keep the overall stance clear and don’t settle for dual opinions. A satisfactory conclusion on the subject leaves the reader or examiner with space for their own decision.

You should then sum up the introduction and body paragraph in this scenario. Essentially we may conclude that we are experiencing a rapid shift in educational growth. Putting the wellbeing of the student in the middle and reconsider the relevance of our curriculum to modern times is important.

Now you get an answer to the question on how to write an essay on the importance of education from the above discussion.

Final words:

“Importance of education builds this world a healthier place to survive in.”

The planet can’t become a better place without qualified people. That is why it takes proper knowledge to create this planet a better place. Hence, we may summarize that the requirement of education is necessary for a country’s evolution.

Our home is the primary educational organization where we can begin to understand. School learning provides specific subject-related information, science, or other skills, but at home, we learn how to act with others and acquire moral principles.

Education is the primary key to an individual’s life success. It is a continuous and safe cycle of accomplishing aims that not only allows us to gain knowledge but also a life-long success.

Education begins at birth, and one can learn it till the end of life. The principal goal is the creation of a stable and productive community that possesses intelligence, consciousness, rights, and various other qualities. Educators play a significant role in delivering a good standard of education.