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Covenant Christian Academy is a PreK-12 school designed for Christian families who are seeking to provide their children a  liberal arts or classical, Christian education.  Knowing that mere academics will not transform a soul and mind, we also strive to create a warm, orderly, cheerful atmosphere infused with beauty, collegial friendship and meaningful practices and traditions.  

As a school we are, of course, interested in training our students well in a variety of arts and subjects.  They learn the history of Rome, the process of photosynthesis, spelling and phonics rules, and the eight parts of speech.  Equally important to us at Covenant is teaching our students how to learn for themselves.  We do not expect students to learn everything important by the end of twelfth grade; we do expect them to leave Covenant prepared as lifelong learners. 

To equip students for their journey, we aim to fill a “toolbox” with learning strategies appropriate for whatever future studies they pursue:

  • In Grammar School, we teach students to use chants, rhymes and songs to learn information.  We do this not only because children of this age enjoy singing and chanting but because there are certain types of information for which these tools work best.  If you’re trying to remember a phone number, try putting it to a tune.  It works! 
  • In Dialectic School, we teach students to discuss and debate topics and to analyze arguments.  We do this not only because young teens enjoy talking and arguing but because this is an effective way for them to learn in the future.  We’re giving them practice at using these tools of learning.  
  • In Rhetoric School, we use writing and speaking both as communication tools and as tools of learning.  Many have said that one does not really understand a topic until he teaches it.  The same could be said about giving a speech or writing a paper.  The exercise of organizing thoughts and making them clear to others solidifies learning.   

If you are new to Covenant, we invite you to explore the website to learn more about us.  If you’re looking for a school, we’d love to have you come for a visit during the school day or for our Open House.  We think you’ll find us intriguing!

David Sonju, Ph.D., Head of School

Covenant Christian Academy
1982 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17109
Telephone: 717-540-9885
Email: [email protected]